[lustre-discuss] Metrics Gathering into ELK stack

Sid Young sid.young at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 16:27:49 PST 2020

G'Day all,

I am about to commission a new HPC over the holiday break and in planning I
am looking at metrics gathering of the Lustre Cluster, most likely into an
Elastic/Kibana Stack.

Are there any reliable/solid Lustre Specific metrics tools that can push
data to ELK
Can generate JSON strings of metrics I can push into more
bespoke monitoring solutions...

I am more interested in I/O metrics from the lustre side of things as I can
gather Disk/CPU/memory metrics with Metricbeat as needed already in the
legacy HPC.

Sid Young
W: https://off-grid-engineering.com
W: ( <https://z900collector.wordpress.com/restoration/>personal)
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