[lustre-discuss] [EXTERNAL] permission denied for some files

Chad DeWitt ccdewitt at uncc.edu
Tue Dec 15 05:16:07 PST 2020

Hi Robert,

Just rolling dice, but is it possible that the append only attribute is set
on the files in question?

For instance, I have the attribute set on a file named *testing* (the
append attribute is shown by the 'a' flag):

# lsattr testing
-----a---------- testing

When I try to remove *testing* with the append flag set:

# rm testing
rm: remove regular empty file ‘testing’? y
rm: cannot remove ‘testing’: Operation not permitted

If that flag is set on your problematic files, the unsetting the flag will
allow you to delete them:

# chattr -a testing
# rm testing
rm: remove regular empty file ‘testing’? y

BTW - You have to use lsattr to see the append flag; a normal ls will not
show it...



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On Tue, Dec 15, 2020 at 8:02 AM Robert Redl <robert.redl at lmu.de> wrote:

> Dear Lustre Users,
> we have some files in the system, that are not writable anymore. Symptoms:
> - normal rm fails: rm: cannot remove 'file': Operation not permitted.
> - lfs rmfid fails without error message. The file is just not deleted.
> - lfs migrate fails: file: no write permission, skipped
> - all commands are executes as root on a node which is listed in
> nosquash_nids.
> - other files with the same permissions located in the same folder are
> writable.
> - the affected file are readable. Creating a copy is possible, but
> deleting the original file not.
> - the problem remains after running lfsck.
> We use Lustre 2.12.5 on Centos 7 with ZFS backend.
> Has anyone had such issues before? Any ideas how to delete these files?
> Thank you!
> Robert
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