[lustre-discuss] Slow mount on clients

Moreno Diego (ID SIS) diego.moreno at id.ethz.ch
Mon Feb 3 23:55:39 PST 2020

Not sure if it's your case but the order of MGS' NIDs when mounting matters:

[root at my-ms-01xx-yy ~]# time mount -t lustre at tcp: at tcp:/fs2 /scratch

real    0m0.215s
user    0m0.007s
sys     0m0.059s

[root at my-ms-01xx-yy ~]# time mount -t lustre at tcp: at tcp:/fs2 /scratch

real    0m25.196s
user    0m0.009s
sys     0m0.033s

Since the MGS is running on the node having the IP "", if we first try with the other one there seems to be a timeout of 25s.


On 03.02.20, 23:17, "lustre-discuss on behalf of Andrew Elwell" <lustre-discuss-bounces at lists.lustre.org on behalf of andrew.elwell at gmail.com> wrote:

    Hi Folks,
    One of our (recently built) 2.10.x filesystems is slow to mount on
    clients (~20 seconds) whereas the others are nigh on instantaneous.
    We saw this before with a 2.7 filesystem that went away after doing
    <something unknown / filesystem upgrade> but we've no idea what.
    Nothing obvious in the logs.
    Does anyone have suggestions for what causes this, and how to make it
    faster? It's annoying me as "something" isn't right but I can't
    identify what.
    Many thanks
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