[lustre-discuss] Lnet problems on 2.12.2/2.12.3

BASDEN, ALASTAIR G. a.g.basden at durham.ac.uk
Thu Feb 6 08:28:12 PST 2020

We are mounting a 2.12.2 server on a 2.12.3 client.

Both have @o2ib and @tcp networks.

However, there is no link between them on the @o2ib.

We are therefore mounting on @tcp, have network=tcp0 in the fstab, and 
have switched discovery off.

This works, metadata can be read and created, and files can be read.

However, when we try to write to a file, it tries to go over the @o2ib 
network, and therefore fails.

How can we get the clients to write to the OSSs over the @tcp network?


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