[lustre-discuss] Lustre server build on Ubuntu

Shaun Tancheff stancheff at cray.com
Mon Jan 20 16:33:01 PST 2020

I found this useful ... you will have to build against the Ubuntu kernel sources.

You should be able to adapt the steps for whichever kernel you are targeting.

Patches for early 5.0 kernel have landed to master but those patches need to be updated for newer Ubuntu 5.0 kernels.

If you are looking at a 5.3 kernel I would suggest starting with the 5.4 series https://review.whamcloud.com/#/c/36583/
as the previous 5.3 version is missing a couple of fixes https://review.whamcloud.com/#/c/35741/ (the linux-5.4/ext4-pdirop.patch and the rhel8/ext4-simple-blockalloc.patch)

For testing you can either force the LDISKFS_SERIES via "export LDISKSFS_SERIES=5.4.0-ml.series" or update the config/lustre-build-ldiskfs.m4 as needed


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    I'm looking at building the server part on Ubuntu.
    I can see that there are patches for ldiskfs on Ubuntu18 so someone has
    clearly done some work here.
    What are the pre-requisites for doing this?
    Or even better, does anyone have a working recipy?
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