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On Jun 26, 2020, at 10:45, Chang, Christopher <Christopher.Chang at nrel.gov<mailto:Christopher.Chang at nrel.gov>> wrote:


   We’re running into an error with a particular directory. It is weird because it can be resolved in an unexpected way, but only for a time.
The error manifests as:

el3:out> lfs getstripe -M /projects/naris/pcm_110819/NARIS_TechBreak2050_missingDPV/StageC_RT5min
error opening /projects/naris/pcm_110819/NARIS_TechBreak2050_missingDPV/StageC_RT5min: Permission denied (13)
llapi_semantic_traverse: Failed to open '/projects/naris/pcm_110819/NARIS_TechBreak2050_missingDPV/StageC_RT5min': Permission denied (13)
error: getstripe failed for /projects/naris/pcm_110819/NARIS_TechBreak2050_missingDPV/StageC_RT5min.

The temporary resolution is:
el3:out> ls /projects/naris/pcm_110819/NARIS_TechBreak2050_missingDPV/StageC_RT5min
~Model ( c_RT5min_TechBreak2050_092P_OLd000_001 ) Log.txt  Model c_RT5min_TechBreak2050_092P_OLd000_033 Solution.h5   Model c_RT5min_TechBreak2050_092P_OLd000_062 Solution.h5

el3:out> lfs getstripe -M /projects/naris/pcm_110819/NARIS_TechBreak2050_missingDPV/StageC_RT5min

It looks like the user might only have supplementary group access to this file?  You could check on the client by running "id" to list the primary user ID and supplementary groups, then "ls -ln" on the file to see what group it is owned by.

If that is the case, it would indicate that the MDS /etc/group (or other source of supplementary group information, like NIS or LDAP, via /etc/nsswitch.conf) is not up-to-date with what is on the clients, or you have mdt.*.identity_upcall=NONE on the MDS instead of =l_getidentity.  You can test what l_getidentity on the MDS thinks the supplementary groups are for a particular user by running "l_getidentity -d <uid>" to compare what "id" returns on the client.

Cheers, Andreas

However, the getstripe command will only continue to work for about 10 minutes, then it goes back to the permission denied errors.
It only happens with a selection of files or directories, so we were thinking it might be connected to a particular OSS or MDT, but not sure what to look for.

I am not the Lustre admin, so please forgive incomplete information. If folks can request specific command output, preferably from user space, that would accelerate my ability to answer questions. If something needs to get run while logged into a particular Lustre component (MDT, OSS, etc.), please do not hesitate to assume that I don’t know that.

We’re running Lustre 2.10.7 provided by DDN on CentOS 7.4. All help appreciated, thanks!


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