[lustre-discuss] unable to precreate -52/-116

Kumar, Amit ahkumar at mail.smu.edu
Tue Mar 3 12:25:04 PST 2020

Dear Lustre,

Recently we had a degraded(Not failed) RAID and had to wait longer to get compatible disk, as we had received incompatible one and it took over a week to get the correct one back in place.

During this wait I ended up disabling the OST first and then noticed continuous IO to the OST and thought of disabling object creation on it as well. Everything looked normal after that and once the disk was replaced I reenabled object creation and enabled OST. Since then I started seeing these messages on OST
...(ofd_dev.c:1784:ofd_create_hdl()) scratch0-OST0029: unable to precreate: rc = -52
And following messages on MDS
...(osp_precreate.c:1282:osp_precreate_thread()) scratch0-OST0029-osc-MDT0000: cannot precreate objects: rc = -116
...(osp_precreate.c:657:osp_precreate_send()) scratch0-OST0029-osc-MDT0000: precreate fid [0x100290000:0x101b39a:0x0] < local used fid [0x100290000:0x101b39a:0x0]: rc = -116

These messages don't seem to stop. I am wondering what impact could these errors have in long run? I have noticed I am not able to create files on this particular OST using lfs setstripe, when I do so it gets me an object on another OST by default. Just want to make sure this is not causing any data loss for files the currently on them and new requests?
We plan to upgrade to 2.12 in the summer downtime and assuming that has a fix based on LU-9442 & LU-11186.  Currently running servers on lustre 10.4.1 over ZFS-0.7.9-1

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
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