[lustre-discuss] unable to precreate -52/-116

Kumar, Amit ahkumar at mail.smu.edu
Mon Mar 9 10:23:12 PDT 2020

Hi Marco,

Thank you for the response on this issue.  

We have an HA setup, I tried to fail over MDT to the secondary pair and then fail it back. This did not help. 
I also tried restart of the MDS servers, that did not help.
I have rebooted OSS servers as well, that did not help
I also tried completely stopping MDS and unmounting MDS for a little while and that did not help either. 

This error ritually comes back right after MDT is mounted. Additionally I am not able to manually create any files on that particular OST. Any other thoughts.  

Thank you,

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Hi Amit,

We had a similar issue after a set_param of "max_create_count=0"

In our case re-mounting the MDT (not the OST) fixed the issue.

Hope it helps.


On 3/3/20 8:25 PM, Kumar, Amit wrote:
> Dear Lustre,
> Recently we had a degraded(Not failed) RAID and had to wait longer to 
> get compatible disk, as we had received incompatible one and it took 
> over a week to get the correct one back in place.
> During this wait I ended up disabling the OST first and then noticed 
> continuous IO to the OST and thought of disabling object creation on 
> it as well. Everything looked normal after that and once the disk was 
> replaced I reenabled object creation and enabled OST. Since then I 
> started seeing these messages on OST
> .(ofd_dev.c:1784:ofd_create_hdl()) scratch0-OST0029: unable to
> precreate: rc = -52
> And following messages on MDS
> .(osp_precreate.c:1282:osp_precreate_thread())
> scratch0-OST0029-osc-MDT0000: cannot precreate objects: rc = -116
> .(osp_precreate.c:657:osp_precreate_send())
> scratch0-OST0029-osc-MDT0000: precreate fid 
> [0x100290000:0x101b39a:0x0] < local used fid 
> [0x100290000:0x101b39a:0x0]: rc = -116
> These messages don't seem to stop. I am wondering what impact could 
> these errors have in long run? I have noticed I am not able to create 
> files on this particular OST using lfs setstripe, when I do so it gets 
> me an object on another OST by default. Just want to make sure this is 
> not causing any data loss for files the currently on them and new requests?
> We plan to upgrade to 2.12 in the summer downtime and assuming that 
> has a fix based on LU-9442 & LU-11186.  Currently running servers on 
> lustre
> 10.4.1 over ZFS-0.7.9-1
> Any help is greatly appreciated.
> Thank you,
> Amit
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