[lustre-discuss] DNE2 settings are not propagated?

Mannthey, Keith keith.mannthey at intel.com
Fri Mar 20 12:02:37 PDT 2020

I am doing some work with Lustre 2.13 (Downloaded from Whamcloud) and DNE 2 there are 6 MDTs. 

[root at colts52-clx01 for-test]# lfs getdirstripe TEST
lmv_stripe_count: 6 lmv_stripe_offset: 1 lmv_hash_type: fnv_1a_64
mdtidx           FID[seq:oid:ver]
     1           [0x2c0000400:0x5:0x0]
     5           [0x300000403:0x5:0x0]
     3           [0x340000403:0x5:0x0]
     0           [0x200000403:0x5:0x0]
     4           [0x240000402:0x5:0x0]
     2           [0x280000401:0x5:0x0]
[root at colts52-clx01 for-test]# mkdir TEST/now
[root at colts52-clx01 for-test]# lfs getdirstripe TEST/now/
lmv_stripe_count: 0 lmv_stripe_offset: 2 lmv_hash_type: none

Directory stripping settings are not being propagated.  Is this expected?  


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