[lustre-discuss] Awaiting Lustre 2.12.5

Peter Jones pjones at whamcloud.com
Wed May 27 15:59:14 PDT 2020


We just tagged 2.12.5 RC1 and testing is underway. Exactly how long until the release is GA will depend upon how the testing progresses. If anyone is interested in testing ahead of the release being GA then the source is in git<https://git.whamcloud.com/?p=fs/lustre-release.git;a=commit;h=3e9f1b164be9be4543bedd29fcdf728f63303540> and the builds being tested are on our Jenkins server<https://build.whamcloud.com/job/lustre-b2_12/>


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Subject: [lustre-discuss] Awaiting Lustre 2.12.5

Greetings Folks,

I have read that LU-13131 has been addressed and landed in Lustre version 2.14.0 and 2.12.5.  As most of my current Lustre storage is a 2.12.x, I am eager to check-out the fix landed in 2.12.5.  Is there yet any estimate of release from the Whamcloud team?

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