[lustre-discuss] [LAD'20] Only a few days left to register

quentin.bouget at cea.fr quentin.bouget at cea.fr
Fri Oct 9 01:38:19 PDT 2020

Dear Lustre Community,

LAD starts Tuesday, next week!

If you have not yet registered to either the "morning" session 
(8AM UTC), or the "afternoon" one 
(4PM UTC), please do so as soon as possible.

The agenda is available on the event's website 

Note that only half of those who registered on Zoom also accepted our 
invitation to our chat platform <https://lad20.zulipchat.com> (ie. Zulip).
Access to the chat platform is arguably the point of LAD'20.
Otherwise, you may just as well wait for us to publish the presentations 
on our youtube channel 

If you did not receive your invitation, please reach out to us at 
lad at eofs.eu (but do check your spam folder first ;-])

"See" you soon,

PS: Do *not* wait until Tuesday to register! The invites to the chat 
platform are sent manually, and we are unlikely to closely monitor 
registrations during the event itself.

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