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Spitz, Cory James cory.spitz at hpe.com
Fri Oct 23 22:32:52 PDT 2020

Hello, Michael.

I noticed in a previous message to the list you said that you were “running clusterstor 3.2”.  I assume that your 2.11 servers are really running the Cray/HPE 2.11 as part of Neo 3.2.  If so, please know that Neo 3.2 does not support DNE2 striped directories due to numerous possible data corruptions with the underlying 2.11.0 base.  We’ve disabled the capability to protect our customer’s data and file system integrity.  Most of those issues are now fixed in master and b2_12 and HPE supports DNE2 in our 4.x Neo line.  An upcoming release of Neo for your HW will bring the capability to your platform.  Please contact your HPE rep if you need further assistance planning the upgrade and/or if you want to experiment with DNE2 on a test platform prior to an upgrade.


On 10/23/20, 11:51 AM, "lustre-discuss" <lustre-discuss-bounces at lists.lustre.org> wrote:

i'm trying to create a striped directory, but when i run `lfs
setdirstripe -c 2 test_dir` i get, 'function not implemented'

i'm running 2.11 on the servers and 2.12.5 on the clients

i can run lfs setdirstrip -i 0 test_dir_one and -i 1 without issue, so
i can utilize both MDT's

is there something not turned on somewhere that should be to enable
directory striping?  i haven't found anything perusing the
documentation so far
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