[lustre-discuss] lnetctl fails to recreate exact config when importing exported lnet.conf

Angelos Ching angelosching at clustertech.com
Thu Sep 3 21:11:04 PDT 2020

Dear all,

I think I've encountered a bug in lnetctl but not sure where to submit a 
bug report:

It's expected that the Lnet config on a node can be recreated on 
lnet.service start up by saving the config using: lnetctl export 
--backup > /etc/lnet.conf
But ordering within ymal file causes extraneous NIDs to be created when 
used in combination with routing, thus breaking Lnet routing / node 
communication, with server side dmesg showing "Bad dest nid n.n.n.n at o2ib 
(it's my nid but on a different network)"

Client: CentOS 7.8, Lustre 2.12.5-ib, MLNX OFED 4.9-
Lnet router + server: CentOS 7.7, Lustre 2.12.4-ib, MLNX OFED 4.7-

Steps to reproduce:
(Listing 1) Server side Lnet config (peer list omitted for conciseness): 
(Listing 2) Full command listing and output on client side is reproduced 
here: https://pastebin.com/h3wHyCM7

All steps below carried out on Lustre client:

1. Restart lnet service with empty /etc/lnet.conf
2. lnetctl net add: TCP network using Ethernet
3. lnetctl peer add: 2 peers with "Lnet router + server"@o2ib,tcp NIDs
4. lnetctl route add: 2 gateways to o2ib network using "Lnet router + 
server"@TCP NID
5. lnetctl export: with --backup to /etc/lnet.conf; check the saved file 
and confirm Lnet is configured with 2 peers and 2 gateways (Listing 2: 
6. Mount o2ib exported Lustre volume and confirm volume functioning 
correctly; unmount volume
7. Restart lnet.service and check lnet configuration; finds 2 extra peer 
entries that reference only TCP NID of the "Lnet router + server" along 
with 2 manually configured peers that reference both o2ib and tcp NIDs 
(Listing 2: 75-93)
8. Client fails to mount o2ib exported volume; server side kernel 
message shows "Bad dest nid n.n.n.n at o2ib (it's my nid but on a different 

9. If we reorder the peer list to go before the route list in 
/etc/lnet.conf (Listing 2: 16), then lnet would be properly configured 
with 2 peers on service restart and everything works as expected.

Best regards,

Angelos Ching
ClusterTech Limited

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