[lustre-discuss] lnetctl fails to recreate exact config when importing exported lnet.conf

Mohr Jr, Richard Frank rmohr at utk.edu
Fri Sep 4 10:04:05 PDT 2020

> On Sep 4, 2020, at 11:26 AM, Angelos Ching <angelosching at clustertech.com> wrote:
> If I don't add the "Lnet router + Server" peers manually as multi-rail enabled peer before route add, a non-multi-rail
> peer with only TCP NID would be added by the route add command for the "Lnet router + Server" (as seen in line 76-83 in https://pastebin.com/h3wHyCM7) and the existent of those 2 peers would interfere with normal Lnet communication with server side kernel message printing "Bad dest nid n.n.n.n at o2ib (it's my nid but on a different network)"

Sorry.  I think I misread your original email.  So your server has both tcp and o2ib NIDs, and you want the server to route requests from tcp clients to other resources on the o2ib network.  But when you mount Lustre, you want the client to use the server’s o2ib NID instead of mounting with the server’s tcp NID.  Is that correct?


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