[lustre-discuss] Make a backup and promote a new MGS/MGT

Kieran Cavanaugh kieran.cavanaugh at fuseeng.com
Mon Sep 21 08:48:47 PDT 2020

Greetings all,

Scenario is the following:

This is basically a storage refresh due to the age and supportability of the RAID controllers. The version of Lustre is......

well.....OLD ( Lustre 2.1.x)!!!  With no hopes of an upgrade since it wont be around for the long term.

At this point I have presented new storage to the existing MDS and OSSs, and have created a new filesystem on the existing

MDS/OSSs and have also provisioned a new MDS as well.

We are currently using RSYNC to migrate the user data to the old filesystem to the new one.

However, I want to migrate the MGT data to a new MGT device, and promote the new MGT, how would one go about completing this task?



Kieran Cavanaugh

HPC Architect/Engineer

Department of Defense

Fuse Engineering ,LLC

kieran.cavanaugh at fuseeng.com

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