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Mohr, Rick mohrrf at ornl.gov
Thu Apr 29 23:45:14 PDT 2021

One thing you could do would be to verify that all the kernel modules are identical.  You can try running 'lsmod' to check that the servers have loaded the same set of modules, run 'modinfo' to verify the path to the module that was loaded, and then compute a checksum of the kernel module to compare.


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    Yes, I believe that something must be different; I just cannot find it. I 
    now have six OST systems. All were installed the same way; two work fine 
    and four do not. The rpm list:

    # rpm -qa | grep lustre

    # the mount command example:
    # grep lustre /etc/fstab
    fs1/ost1        /mnt/fs1/ost1   lustre defaults,_netdev_  0 0

    and all are the same on all six systems. I currently have ZFS 0.8.5 
    installed, but I have tried with ZFS 0.7.13, and the results are
    the same.

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