[lustre-discuss] Jobstats Support with Singularity Container

Andreas Dilger adilger at whamcloud.com
Sat Dec 11 00:37:01 PST 2021

See the Lustre Operations Manual for options setting the JobID. You can set it using fields like "%u" for UID, or you can set it per process group, or for the whole node.  For containers, you could set it for the process group when it starts and it should be inherited by all processes in the container? 

Cheers, Andreas

> On Dec 10, 2021, at 08:00, Iannetti, Gabriele <G.Iannetti at gsi.de> wrote:
> Dear Lustre community,
> on our submit nodes users log in transparently into Singularity containers.
> Jobs submitted from those sessions are automatically transparently launched inside a container as well through the slurmd agent.
> Lustre is also mounted within the container.
> Since the setting `jobid_var=procname_uid` is set on the submit nodes, it is providing us a mangled output for the jobid field:
> jobid="loop7"
> jobid="loop7..0"
> jobid="loop7.0"
> jobid="loop7.00"
> jobid="loop7000"
> Loop devices are used in Singularity to facilitate the mounting of container filesystems from SIF images.
> Is there anything we can configure in Singularity or Lustre to pass the UID of the user that has started a container 
> or is the container runtime with Singularity not supported for the Jobstats?
> Best
> Gabriele
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