[lustre-discuss] build help with 5.15 kernel

Hebenstreit, Michael michael.hebenstreit at intel.com
Thu Dec 30 16:07:28 PST 2021


I'm trying to build the Lustre 2.12.8 client on a 5.15 kernel and already failing in the configure step. Looks to me like something in the build process has changed. The failure occurs in configure line 14390. From the log:

configure:14390: cp conftest.c build && make -d _module_/tmp/lustre-2.12.8/build LUSTRE_KERNEL_TEST=conftest.i LDFLAGS= LD=/usr/bin/ld -m elf_x86_64 CC=gcc -f
make: *** No rule to make target '_module_/tmp/lustre-2.12.8/build'.  Stop.
configure:14393: $? = 2

For some reasons the construct "make -d _module_/${PWD} .." does no longer work (it works on same OS with 4.18 RH8.3 kernel). If I replace it with something like "make -d modules .." It works, modules are build, but the subsequent test for ${PWD}/conftest.i fails

Any help appreciated
Happy new year

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