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Laura Hild lsh at jlab.org
Wed Feb 24 03:42:37 PST 2021

> Or you can manually build lnet.conf as lnetctl seems to have occasion
> problems with some of the fields exported by "lnetctl export --backup"

I've noticed, in particular,

  LNetError: 122666:0:(peer.c:372:lnet_peer_ni_del_locked())
  Peer NI x.x.x.x at tcp is a gateway. Can not delete it


  errno: -2
  descr: "cannot add peer ni: No such file or directory"

not having removed the peer:​ section.


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Zadeva: [EXTERNAL] Re: [lustre-discuss] need to always manually add network after reboot

Hi Sid,

Notice that you are using lnetctl net add to add the lnet network, which means you should be using a recent version of Lustre that depends on /etc/lnet.conf for boot time lnet configuration.

You can save the current lnet configuration using command: lnetctl export --backup > /etc/lnet.conf (make a backup of the original file first if required)

On next boot, lnet.service will load your lnet configuration from the file.

Or you can manually build lnet.conf as lnetctl seems to have occasion problems with some of the fields exported by "lnetctl export --backup"

Attaching my simple lnet.conf for your reference:

# cat /etc/lnet.conf
  - net-spec: o2ib
      0: 10.2.8.*
  - net-spec: tcp
      0: 10.5.9.*
    - net: o2ib
      gateway: at tcp
      hop: -1
      priority: 0
    - net: o2ib
      gateway: at tcp
      hop: -1
      priority: 0
    numa_range: 0
    max_intf: 200
    discovery: 1
    drop_asym_route: 0
Best regards,

On 23/02/2021 13:58, Sid Young via lustre-discuss wrote:

G'Day all,
I'm finding that when I reboot any node in our new HPC, I need to keep manually adding the network using lnetctl net add --net tcp --if ens2f0
Then I can do an lnetctl net show and see the tcp part active...

I have options in  /etc/modprobe.d/lnet.conf
options lnet networks=tcp


[root at hpc-oss-03 ~]# cat /etc/modprobe.d/lustre.conf
options lnet networks="tcp(ens2f0)"
options lnet ip2nets="tcp(ens2f0) 10.140.93.*

I've read the doco and tried to understand the correct parameters for a simple Lustre config so this is what I worked out is needed... but I suspect its still wrong.

Any help appreciated :)

Sid Young

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