[lustre-discuss] Output format for lctl device_list

Steve Brasier steveb at stackhpc.com
Tue Jan 12 06:29:31 PST 2021

Hi all, does anyone know of documentation of the format of `lctl
device_list`? In the below example (from a broken lustre server) some if
it is sort-of obvious but some of it definitely isn't!

[centos at dac-h22d5-u37-sv ~]$ sudo lctl dl
  0 UP osd-ldiskfs MGS-osd MGS-osd_UUID 4
  1 UP mgs MGS MGS 6
  2 UP mgc MGC10.43.108.228 at tcp 87dac4ce-ab26-750c-b832-699daa726185 4
  3 UP osd-ldiskfs dac-MDT0001-osd dac-MDT0001-osd_UUID 5
  4 UP mds MDS MDS_uuid 2
  5 UP lod dac-MDT0001-mdtlov dac-MDT0001-mdtlov_UUID 3
  6 UP mdt dac-MDT0001 dac-MDT0001_UUID 2
  7 UP mdd dac-MDD0001 dac-MDD0001_UUID 3


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