[lustre-discuss] quotas not being enforced

Andrew Elwell andrew.elwell at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 22:12:27 PST 2021

Hi folks,
I'm struggling to debug quota enforcement (or more worryingly, lack
of) in recentish LTS releases.

our test system (2 servers shared SAS disks between them) is running

but the storage luns have been upgraded from 2.7 onwards (maybe a
reformat at 2.10? - its a test system so gets a hard life)

couple of things
1) in the lustre manual (snapshot as at 2021-01-13) section 25.8 0
Lustre Quota Statistics
-- are these obsolete as in pre 2.4 versions?

[root at pgfs-mds4 ~]# lctl get_param lquota.testfs-OST0000.stats
error: get_param: param_path 'lquota/testfs-OST0000/stats': No such
file or directory

ie - is this what's referred to in LUDOC-362

2) how long should I have to wait for changing enforcement on MGS to
seeing it rattle out onto MDT/OSTs?

[root at pgfs-mds3 ~]# lctl get_param osd-*.*.quota_slave.info | egrep
target name:    testfs-MDT0000
quota enabled:  ug
[root at pgfs-mds3 ~]# lctl conf_param testfs.quota.mdt=g
[root at pgfs-mds3 ~]# mount -t lustre
/dev/mapper/TEST_MGT on /lustre/testfs-MGT type lustre
/dev/mapper/TEST_MDT0000 on /lustre/testfs-MDT0000 type lustre
(ro,svname=testfs-MDT0000,mgsnode= at o2ib4: at o2ib4,osd=osd-ldiskfs,user_xattr,errors=remount-ro)
[root at pgfs-mds3 ~]# lctl get_param osd-*.*.quota_slave.info
target name:    testfs-MDT0000
pool ID:        0
type:           md
quota enabled:  ug
conn to master: setup
space acct:     ug
user uptodate:  glb[1],slv[1],reint[0]
group uptodate: glb[1],slv[1],reint[0]
project uptodate: glb[0],slv[0],reint[0]
[root at pgfs-mds3 ~]#

ie still showing user enforcement

[root at pgfs-mds3 ~]# lctl conf_param testfs.quota.ost=g
... time passes
[root at pgfs-mds4 ~]# lctl get_param osd-*.*.quota_slave.info | egrep
target name:    testfs-OST0000
quota enabled:  none
target name:    testfs-OST0001
quota enabled:  none

doesn't seem to be rippling out.

Do I need to umount / tunefs --writeconf / e2fsck / whatever them? -
where do I look for debug info on what's (not) happening?

Many thanks

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