[lustre-discuss] MDT filling up

Thomas Roth t.roth at gsi.de
Sat Jun 26 13:46:31 PDT 2021

Hi Artem,

indeed I checked with df.

df -ih
Filesystem     1M-blocks     Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/drbd0     889M         477M    413M     54%   /srv/mds2


df -BM
Filesystem     1M-blocks     Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/drbd0      1350228M 1165053M    71408M  95% /srv/mds2

So it is not completely full - yet. As I repeated 'df -MB', the free Megabytes were going down, very worrisome.

Unfortunately, I only checked the inode count before, so this might have creeped up over a long time.


On 6/26/21 10:22 PM, Благодаренко Артём wrote:
> Hello Thomas,
> How have you realised that MDT’s disk space is filled up? An utility shows that no free data blocks or some function returns enospc? Could you please share “df" and "df -I" output for the device?
> Thanks.
> Best regards,
> Artem Blagodarenko.
>> On 26 Jun 2021, at 21:58, Thomas Roth <t.roth at gsi.de> wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> we have one of three MDTs filling up its disk space. It is running 2.12.5 on ldiskfs, but no data-on-metadata.
>> The inode usage is just 54%, corresponding to 477 M inodes.
>> There is a large directory tree with 353 M files. For each or many of these files, there is also a symlink.
>> This is about the only oddity of this MDT.
>> Could it be that those symlinks eat up all the remaining space somehow?
>> Regards
>> Thomas
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