[lustre-discuss] Lustre stuck in ldlm_lockd (lock on destroyed export, lock timed out)

Thomas Roth t.roth at gsi.de
Wed Mar 10 03:33:20 PST 2021

Hi all,

we are in a critical situation where our Lustre is rendered completely inaccessible.

We are running Lustre 2.12.5 on CentOS 7.8, Whamcloud sources, MDTs on ldiskfs, OSTs on ZFS, 3 MDS.

The first MDS, running MGS + MDT0, is showing
### lock callback timer expired
evicting clients, and
### lock on destroyed export
for the same client, as in

Mar 10 09:51:54 lxmds19.gsi.de kernel: LustreError: 4779:0:(ldlm_lockd.c:256:expired_lock_main()) ### lock callback timer expired after 450s: evicting 
client at at o2ib5  ns: mdt-hebe-MDT0000_UUID lock: ffff8f1ef6681b00/0xdba5480d76a73ab6 lrc: 3/0,0 mode: PR/PR res: [0x20002db4c:0x14:0x0].0x0 
bits 0x13/0x0 rrc: 3 type: IBT flags: 0x60200400000020 nid: at o2ib5 remote: 0x5360294b0558b867 expref: 31 pid: 6649 timeout: 4849 lvb_type: 0

Mar 10 09:51:54 lxmds19.gsi.de kernel: LustreError: 6570:0:(ldlm_lockd.c:1348:ldlm_handle_enqueue0()) ### lock on destroyed export ffff8f1eede90000 
ns: mdt-hebe-MDT0000_UUID lock: ffff8f1efbded8c0/0xdba5480d76a9e456 lrc: 3/0,0 mode: PR/PR res: [0x20002c52b:0xd92b:0x0].0x0 bits 0x13/0x0 rrc: 175 
type: IBT flags: 0x50200400000020 nid: at o2ib5 remote: 0x5360294b0558b875 expref: 4 pid: 6570 timeout: 0 lvb_type: 0

Eventually, there is
### lock timed out ; not entering recovery in server code, just going back to sleep

Restart of the server does not help.
Recovery runs through, clients show the MDS in 'lfs check mds', but any kind of access (aka 'ls') will hang.

Any help is much appreciated.


Thomas Roth
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