[lustre-discuss] [EXTERNAL] OST mount with failover MDS

Mohr, Rick mohrrf at ornl.gov
Tue Mar 23 06:58:36 PDT 2021

Could this be due to the fact that the IP for the primary host is  I don't know what your netmask is, so I don't know if that is a valid host IP address.  Or maybe since it looks like a network address, Lustre is not using it as a host address?


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    Hi all,

    I wonder if I am seeing signs of network problems when mounting an OST:

    tunefs.lustre --dryrun tells me (what I know from my own format command)
     >Parameters: mgsnode= at o2ib5: at o2ib5

    These are the nids for our MGS+MDT0, there are two more pairs for MDT1 and MDT2.

    I went step-by-step, modprobing lnet and lustre, and checking LNET by 'lnet ping' to the active MDTs, 
    which worked fine.

    However, mounting such an OST (e.g. after a crash) at first prints a number of
     > LNet: 19444:0:(o2iblnd_cb.c:3397:kiblnd_check_conns()) Timed out tx for at o2ib5: 0 seconds

    and similarly for the failover partners of the other two MDS.

    Should it do that?

    Imho, LNET to a failover node _must_ fail, because LNET should not be up on the failover node, right?

    If I started LNET there, and some client does not get an answer quickly enough from the acting MDS, it 
    would try the failover, LNET yes but Lustre no - that doesn't sound right.


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