[lustre-discuss] nodemap switching fails

Thomas Roth t.roth at gsi.de
Fri May 21 11:08:07 PDT 2021

Hi all,

Lustre 2.12.6 here.

Following the manual ' 28. Mapping UIDs and GIDs with Nodemap'

This system has 4 clients.
I set up an Admin nodemap which has
- admin=1
- trusted=1
- deny_unknown=0

Two of the clients are added to this map
- lctl nodemap_add_range --name Admin --range 10.20.3.[63-64]@o2ib6

nodemap is switched on
- lctl nodemap_activate 1

->The two nodes have full access, the other two (their nids are not mentioned anywhere, fall into the default nodemap) show root squashed 
files/directories. Very nice.

nodemap is switched off
- lctl nodemap_activate 0

Nothing changes (within 5 minutes or so). I would expect all four nodes to have equal access to the file system, but the two non-privileged nodes 
remain so.
Unless I umount and mount again (did that on client 3)

Switching nodemap back on, my client 3 remains privileged - no root squash - until I umount an mount again.

This is not the way this feature is intended to work, correct?

(This entire Lustre system is an unused test system. Other than my own 'ls -l' on the mountpoint, there is no activity at all.)


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