[lustre-discuss] eviction timeout

Degremont, Aurelien degremoa at amazon.com
Mon Oct 11 01:53:21 PDT 2021


This message is appearing during MDT recovery, likely after a MDS restart. MDT tries to reconnect first all existing client when it stopped.
It seems all these clients have been also rebooted. To avoid this message, try to stop your clients before the servers.

If not possible, you can abort the recovery, either at start time (https://doc.lustre.org/lustre_manual.xhtml#lustremaint.abortRecovery) or when recovery is running with the following commands on the MDS host:

lctl --device lustre-MDT0000 abort_recovery


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I'm seeing a lot of these messages:

Oct 11 11:12:09 hpc-mds-02 kernel: Lustre: lustre-MDT0000: Denying connection for new client b6df7eda-8ae1-617c-6ff1-406d1ffb6006 (at at tcp), waiting for 6 known clients (0 recovered, 0 in progress, and 0 evicted) to recover in 2:42

It seems to be a 3minute timeout, is it possible to shorten this and even not log this message?

Sid Young

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