[lustre-discuss] dkms-2.8.6 breaks installation of lustre-zfs-dkms-2.12.7-1.el7.noarch

Fredrik Nyström freny at nsc.liu.se
Wed Oct 13 14:30:36 PDT 2021

dkms was recently updated to version 2.8.6 in epel/7.

After this update installation of lustre-zfs-dkms-2.12.7-1.el7.noarch 
fails with following error:

./configure: line 33341: test: zfs: integer expression expected
configure: error: 

Breakage seems to be caused by following dkms commit:

configure line 33341:
if test x$enable_modules = xyes && test $ZFS_MAJOR -eq 0 && test $ZFS_MINOR -lt 8; then :

Not sure exactly how but it ends up with ZFS_MAJOR=zfs, ZFS_MINOR=zfs 
instead of: ZFS_MAJOR=0, ZFS_MINOR=7

Downgrading to older dkms or manually reverting the commit mentioned 
above solved this problem for me.

Regards / Fredrik N.

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