[lustre-discuss] Failed to mount MDT

Рачко Антон Сергеевич anton at ciam.ru
Thu Oct 28 00:45:22 PDT 2021

I try, but

[30711.329673] EXT4-fs (dm-1): couldn't mount as ext2 due to feature incompatibilities

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Subject: Re: [lustre-discuss] Failed to mount MDT

It seems your CONFIG directory in MDT is corrupt.

I suggest that mount MDT as plain ext2fs ( # mount  /dev/mapper/mpatha /mnt/tmp ) , backup CONFIG directory, and erase contents of CONFIG directory then mount as lustre filesystem.

Jongwoo Han

2021년 10월 28일 (목) 오전 2:08, Рачко Антон Сергеевич <anton at ciam.ru<mailto:anton at ciam.ru>>님이 작성:
Hi all,
suddenly (I doesn’t know after what), MDT on my lustrefs is failed to mount:

mount -t lustre /dev/mapper/mpatha /mnt/mdt


[  466.192839] LustreError: 26789:0:(osd_scrub.c:1758:osd_ios_lookup_one_len()) Fail to find lustre/srpc-client in CONFIGS (163577857/3480975961): rc = -13
[  466.193234] LustreError: 26789:0:(osd_scrub.c:1758:osd_ios_lookup_one_len()) Skipped 925006 previous similar messages

I use lustre ver. 2.12.2

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Jongwoo Han
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