[lustre-discuss] lru_size question

Thomas Roth t.roth at gsi.de
Thu Sep 9 01:49:59 PDT 2021

Hi all,

I have checked the lru_size on an (2.12.5) system that has just been restarted.
The defaults have never been touched on that system, and so I see lru_size=0 for all OSTs, on the MDS as on a client, as it should be.
The client also reports
 > ldlm.namespaces.MGC10.20.3.0 at o2ib5.lru_size=12800
while the three MDTs of the system also are shown with lru_size=0

The MDS reports
 > ldlm.namespaces.MGC10.20.3.0 at o2ib5.lru_size=1600
 > ldlm.namespaces.MGS.lru_size=1600
 > ldlm.namespaces.hebe-MDT0000-lwp-MDT0000.lru_size=494
 > ldlm.namespaces.hebe-MDT0001-osp-MDT0000.lru_size=1600
 > ldlm.namespaces.hebe-MDT0002-osp-MDT0000.lru_size=1600
 > ldlm.namespaces.mdt-hebe-MDT0000_UUID.lru_size=1600

(hebe being the name of the fs)

These values show up immedeately after starting the MDS.

Does this mean that these are not adapted automatically, or did I do something wrong?


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