[lustre-discuss] Regarding NVME-oF support with Lustre

Puspanjali Panda Puspanjali.Panda at wdc.com
Thu Sep 16 23:42:11 PDT 2021


Good Morning . We are from Western Digital DCS team. As part of a PoC effort we want to validate Lustre filesystem using OpenFlex device (https://www.westerndigital.com/products/data-center-platforms/openflex-composable-infrastructure).

As part of the validation process, we have deployed lustre 2.14.0 build on RHEL 8.3 system as per the support matrix  https://wiki.whamcloud.com/display/PUB/Lustre+Support+Matrix.

We need some information regarding NVME over Fabrics support with Mellanox OFED drivers on Lustre Kernel. Can you please let us know if Lustre Kernel  supports NVME-oF?

We are facing below issues on Lustre kernel . Please refer the below details for more information. Can you please share the configuration steps for NVME-oF support with Lustre kernel using Mellanox OFED driver, if it is supported?

When we try to  configure Mellanox OFED driver with NVME oF support on lustre kernel ,it  gives the below warnings.

“General log file: /tmp/MLNX_OFED_LINUX.584805.logs/general.log WARNING: NVMEoF is not supported over kernel 4.18.0-240.1.1.el8_lustre.x86_64, will continue installation without it”.

When we try to map the NVME volumes using Mellanox CX5 cards it fails with below errors.

[root at lustre-server2 ~]# nvme connect -t rdma -a -q host -n nqn.1992-05.com.wdc.Lustre2:pool7vol7

Failed to open /dev/nvme-fabrics: No such file or directory

System Details:
Lustre Package Details:
Lustre Version: 2.14.0
Lustre Kernel version:

[root at lustre-server1 yum.repos.d]# uname -a

Linux lustre-server1 4.18.0-240.1.1.el8_lustre.x86_64 #1 SMP Fri Feb 19 20:34:57 UTC 2021 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Mellanox Package Version:


Puspanjali Panda

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