[lustre-discuss] question regarding du vs df on lustre

Einar Næss Jensen einar.nass.jensen at ntnu.no
Mon Apr 4 04:05:27 PDT 2022

Hello lustre people.

We are experimenting with lustre on nvme, and observe the following issue:
After running benchmarks and deleting benchmark files, we see that df and du reports different sizes:

[root at idun-02-27 ~]#  du -hs /nvme/
38M     /nvme/
[root at idun-02-27 ~]# df -h|grep nvme at o2ib:/nvme                   5.5T  3.9T  1.3T  76% /nvme

It takes several hours before du and df agrees.

What is causing this?
How can we get updated records for df immediately when deleting files?

Best REegards

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