[lustre-discuss] Building Lustre deb packages for ubuntu 20.04

Yitschak, Yehuda yehuday at amazon.com
Thu Apr 7 05:50:01 PDT 2022


I am trying to build lustre 2.15-RC3  deb packages on ubuntu 20.04 using a custom kernel based on v5.11.0 (which is the kernel this ubuntu ships with)
I have also build ZFS against that custom kernel

I am running the following command for lustre build

  *   sh ./autogen.sh
  *   ./configure --enable-server --disable-ldiskfs  --with-linux=/home/ubuntu/projects/linux-stable --with-zfs=/home/ubuntu/projects/zfs
  *   make -j  dkms-debs

The thing is when I issue any "debs" build (dkms or not), the build system calls ./configure again but with different parameters, dropping  "--disable-ldiskfs " flags
then during the setup lustre tries to apply the ldiskfs kernel patches and fails.
Since I don't want ldiskfs support it's a but frustrating.

How I can I build deb files with ldiskfs disabled



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