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Note that in newer Lustre releases, if you have project IDs enabled (you don't need to *enforce* project quotas, just have quota accounting enabled), that "df" (statfs()) will return the quota for the project ID on that directory tree.  It isn't _quite_ "fast du" for arbitrary directory trees, but quite useful in any case.

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Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the tips.

I have a client that they are looking into implementing their own "fast du". I will look into Robinhood to see if there are any duplicated functions.  Not sure if they are looking into advanced functionality like policy management, thou.

Does Robinhood offer APIs, or command-line tools to provide "du" like data? If not, how about direct database accesses?

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Dear Steve,

>What are the essential tools to make life easier in the Lustre ecosystem?

We use and maintain to those 2 open-source tools:
-          Shine, for Lustre administration: https://github.com/cea-hpc/shine
-          RobinHood policy engine for managing data in filesystems: https://github.com/cea-hpc/robinhood/wiki

Best regards,

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Hi All,

I am new to Lustre. I like to know if anyone out there is actively using IML (Integrated Manager for Lustre) to administer and/or monitor Lustre?

If yes, I plan to run Lustre LTS (e.g., 2.12.8). Do you know if IML can run against 2.12.8? IML official website seems to be very quiet for the last year. Is the project still alive?

If no, do you run any other GUI or non-GUI tools to help administer/monitor? What are the essential tools to make life easier in the Lustre ecosystem?

Any pointers are deeply appreciated.

If this is not the right forum to ask such questions, please accept my apology. I searched the archive, but could not discover any items related to IML.

Thanks ahead for your assistance.


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