[lustre-discuss] Corrupted? MDT not mounting

Andrew Elwell andrew.elwell at gmail.com
Tue Apr 19 02:40:00 PDT 2022

Hi Folks,

One of our filesystems seemed to fail over the holiday weekend - we're
running DNE and MDT0001 won't mount. At first it looked like we'd run
out of space (rc = -28) but then we were seeing this

mount.lustre: mount /dev/mapper/MDT0001 at /lustre/astrofs-MDT0001
failed: File exists retries left: 0
mount.lustre: mount /dev/mapper/MDT0001 at /lustre/astrofs-MDT0001
failed: File exists

kernel: LustreError: 13921:0:(genops.c:478:class_register_device())
astrofs-OST0000-osc-MDT0001: already exists, won't add

lustre_rmmod wouldn't remove everything cleanly (osc in use) and so
after a reboot everything *seemed* to start OK

[root at astrofs-mds1 ~]# mount -t lustre
/dev/mapper/MGS on /lustre/MGS type lustre (ro)
/dev/mapper/MDT0000 on /lustre/astrofs-MDT0000 type lustre (ro)
/dev/mapper/MDT0001 on /lustre/astrofs-MDT0001 type lustre (ro)

... but not for long

 kernel: LustreError: 12355:0:(osp_sync.c:343:osp_sync_declare_add())
ASSERTION( ctxt ) failed:
 kernel: LustreError: 12355:0:(osp_sync.c:343:osp_sync_declare_add()) LBUG

possibly corrupt llog?

I see LU-12674 which looks like our problem, but only backported to
2.12 branch (these servers are still 2.10.8)

Piecing together what *might* have happened is a user possibly ran out
of inodes and then did a rm -r before the system stopped responding.

Mounting just now I'm getting:
[ 1985.078422] LustreError: 10953:0:(llog.c:654:llog_process_thread())
astrofs-OST0001-osc-MDT0001: Local llog found corrupted #0x7ede0:1:0
plain index 35518 count 2
[ 1985.095129] LustreError:
10959:0:(llog_osd.c:961:llog_osd_next_block()) astrofs-MDT0001-osd:
invalid llog tail at log id [0x7ef40:0x1:0x0]:0 offset 577536 bytes
[ 1985.109892] LustreError:
astrofs-OST0004-osc-MDT0001: llog process with osp_sync_process_queues
failed: -22
[ 1985.126797] LustreError:
astrofs-OST000b-osc-MDT0001: error opening log id [0x7ef76:0x1:0x0]:0:
rc = -2
[ 1985.140169] LustreError:
astrofs-OST000b-osc-MDT0001: cannot find handle for llog
[0x7ef76:0x1:0x0]: rc = -2
[ 1985.155321] Lustre: astrofs-MDT0001: Imperative Recovery enabled,
recovery window shrunk from 300-900 down to 150-900
[ 1985.169404] Lustre: astrofs-MDT0001: in recovery but waiting for
the first client to connect
[ 1985.177869] Lustre: astrofs-MDT0001: Will be in recovery for at
least 2:30, or until 1508 clients reconnect
[ 1985.187612] Lustre: astrofs-MDT0001: Connection restored to
a5e41149-73fc-b60a-30b1-da096a5c2527 (at 1170 at gni1)
[ 2017.251374] Lustre: astrofs-MDT0001: Connection restored to
7a388f58-bc16-6bd7-e0c8-4ffa7c0dd305 (at 400 at gni1)
[ 2017.261374] Lustre: Skipped 1275 previous similar messages
[ 2081.458117] Lustre: astrofs-MDT0001: Connection restored to at o2ib4 (at at o2ib4)
[ 2081.467419] Lustre: Skipped 277 previous similar messages
[ 2082.324547] Lustre: astrofs-MDT0001: Recovery over after 1:37, of
1508 clients 1508 recovered and 0 were evicted.

Message from syslogd at astrofs-mds2 at Apr 19 17:32:49 ...
 kernel: LustreError: 11082:0:(osp_sync.c:343:osp_sync_declare_add())
ASSERTION( ctxt ) failed:

Message from syslogd at astrofs-mds2 at Apr 19 17:32:49 ...
 kernel: LustreError: 11082:0:(osp_sync.c:343:osp_sync_declare_add()) LBUG
[ 2082.392381] LustreError:
11082:0:(osp_sync.c:343:osp_sync_declare_add()) ASSERTION( ctxt )
[ 2082.401422] LustreError: 11082:0:(osp_sync.c:343:osp_sync_declare_add()) LBUG
[ 2082.408558] Pid: 11082, comm: orph_cleanup_as
3.10.0-957.1.3.el7_lustre.x86_64 #1 SMP Mon May 27 03:45:37 UTC 2019
[ 2082.418891] Call Trace:
[ 2082.421340]  [<ffffffffc0af07cc>] libcfs_call_trace+0x8c/0xc0 [libcfs]
[ 2082.427890]  [<ffffffffc0af087c>] lbug_with_loc+0x4c/0xa0 [libcfs]
[ 2082.434077]  [<ffffffffc1694159>] osp_sync_declare_add+0x3a9/0x3e0 [osp]
[ 2082.440797]  [<ffffffffc1683299>] osp_declare_destroy+0xc9/0x1c0 [osp]
[ 2082.447338]  [<ffffffffc15e0c6e>] lod_sub_declare_destroy+0xce/0x2d0 [lod]
[ 2082.454237]  [<ffffffffc15c54a5>] lod_obj_stripe_destroy_cb+0x85/0x90 [lod]
[ 2082.461213]  [<ffffffffc15d0ac6>] lod_obj_for_each_stripe+0xb6/0x230 [lod]
[ 2082.468104]  [<ffffffffc15d184b>] lod_declare_destroy+0x43b/0x5c0 [lod]
[ 2082.474736]  [<ffffffffc1648896>] orph_key_test_and_del+0x5f6/0xd30 [mdd]
[ 2082.481538]  [<ffffffffc1649587>] __mdd_orphan_cleanup+0x5b7/0x840 [mdd]
[ 2082.488250]  [<ffffffffa7cc1c31>] kthread+0xd1/0xe0
[ 2082.493147]  [<ffffffffa8374c1d>] ret_from_fork_nospec_begin+0x7/0x21
[ 2082.499601]  [<ffffffffffffffff>] 0xffffffffffffffff
[ 2082.504585] Kernel panic - not syncing: LBUG

e2fsck when mounted as lfiskfs seems to be clean, but is there a way I
can get it mounted enough to run lfsck?

Alternatively, can I upgrade the MDSs to 2.12.x while having the OSSs
still on 2.10? yes I know this isn't ideal but I wasn't planning a
large upgrade at zero notice to our users (also, we still have a
legacy system accessing it with a 2.7 client - it's replacement
arrived last Sept, but still hasn't been handed over to us yet, so I
really don't want to get too out of step)

Many thanks


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