[lustre-discuss] Problem with standard fortran IO and lustre fs, sporadically slow io rate

Bertini, Denis Dr. D.Bertini at gsi.de
Thu Feb 3 04:13:37 PST 2022


I am facing a problem when trying to write on a Lustre filesystem ( v 2.12) using standard fortran IO

code ( compiled with GNU gfortran 8.3).

The io rate sporadically goes extremely slow ( sometime down to  20/10 kBytes/s ! ) giving the

feeling that the job is just hanging.

Is this problem known by the community?

Is there something a user should be aware when using Fortran IO together with

the lustre filesystem?

The code (tarball in attachment) i am using is very simple and i would be grateful is somebody could

try it to see if this behaviour is a local or general problem.

Thanks in advance.


Denis Bertini
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