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FYI, the git link you provided seems to be non-public - it asks for a GSI login.

Fortran is widely used for applications on Lustre, so it's unlikely to be a fortran specific issue.  If you're seeing I/O rates drop suddenly during​ activity, rather than being reliably low for some particular operation, I would look to the broader Lustre system.  It may be suddenly extremely busy or there could be, eg, a temporary network issue - Assuming this is a system belonging to your institution, I'd check with your admins.

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Just as an add-on to my previous mail, the problem shows up also

with intel fortran  and it not specific to gnu fortran compiler.

So it seems to be linked to how the fortran IO is handled which

seems to be sub-optimal in cas of a Lustre filesystem.

I would be grateful if one can confirm/disconfirm  that.

Here again the access to the code i used for my benchmarks:




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