[lustre-discuss] MDT does not start after wrong parameter

Xiaolin (Charlene) Zang xiaolinzang at microsoft.com
Wed Feb 9 06:32:48 PST 2022

According to the man page of lctl, a config param can be deleted like

lctl conf_param -d testfs-OST0000.bad_param

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Hi everyone;

Few months ago I have entered a wrong parameter at MDT server::
#lctl conf_param lustre.mdt.jobid_cleanup_interval=4200
As I remember It did not give any output after entering this command.

Now I have rebooted our Lustre file systems and MDS server does not mount /lustre. /var/log/messages says:
“lustre-MDT0000: unknown config parameter 'mdt.jobid_cleanup_interval=4200'”

How can I remove this parameter.

Best Regards;


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