[lustre-discuss] Upgrading lustre servers

Kurt Strosahl strosahl at jlab.org
Mon Feb 21 12:31:11 PST 2022

Good afternoon,

I have a question about upgrading lustre servers...

The lustre manual says the following:

"Lustre software release 2.x.y release (minor) upgrade:

All servers must be upgraded at the same time, while some or all clients may be upgraded.

Rolling upgrades are supported for minor releases allowing individual servers and clients to be upgraded without stopping the Lustre file system."

which seems contradictory.  Could I update one oss in a lustre file system from (say) 2.12.1 to 2.12.8, and leave the rest of the file system alone?


Kurt J. Strosahl (he/him)
System Administrator: Lustre, HPC
Scientific Computing Group, Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
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