[lustre-discuss] IPoIB best practises

E.S. Rosenberg esr+lustre at mail.hebrew.edu
Sun Jan 16 03:56:16 PST 2022

Hey everyone,

This is probably off-topic but I can't find any documents on the subject
and since Lustre uses IPoIB I suspect others here have dealt with this

If I have a node connected with multiple IB links should each connected IB
port have it's own IP address or is there a way similar to LACP on the
Ethernet side to bond all the links and use only a single IP address to
refer to the node? And what is the better method?

In the past I never had this luxury, but now I'm starting a small new
cluster currently made up of a few GPU nodes and a Lustre filesystem so
plenty of IB ports to go around.

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