[lustre-discuss] project quota problem on existing directories from filesystem created on zfs 0.7 pool

Degremont, Aurelien degremoa at amazon.fr
Mon Jan 17 02:17:45 PST 2022


I'm not specialist of project quota, but I have a more generic comment.
I see you said you upgraded to 2.14.58? Is that a version you pick on purpose?

2.14.58 is not intended for production at all. This is an alpha version of what will be Lustre 2.15. 

If you want a production-compatible version you should use 2.12.8 or 2.14.0.
Never pick a version where last digit is > 50. That means "development release".


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    We have a lustre filesystem created by Lustre 2.12.8 on zfs 0.7.13 pool.
    Since "Project quotas are not supported on zfs versions earlier than
    0.8", it has been recently upgraded to Lustre 2.14.58 with zfs 2.0.7.
    After upgrade the zfs pool to enable project quota feature and enable
    project quota in Lustre, project quota works on new directory. However,
    for existing directories, set project quota command fail with:

    # lfs project -p 3000 andy
    lfs: failed to set xattr for 'andy': No such device or address

    Strace of above command:

    open("andy", O_RDONLY|O_NOCTTY|O_NONBLOCK) = 3
    ioctl(3, 0x801c581f, 0x7ffe6fa35d30)    = 0
    ioctl(3, 0x401c5820, 0x7ffe6fa35d30)    = -1 ENXIO (No such device or address)
    write(2, "lfs: failed to set xattr for 'an"..., 63lfs: failed to set xattr for 'andy': No such device or address
    ) = 63
    close(3)                                = 0
    exit_group(1)                           = ?

    Is there a way to enable project quota on existing directories?


    Wei Chen
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