[lustre-discuss] Memory Management in Lustre

Ellis Wilson elliswilson at microsoft.com
Wed Jan 19 18:35:09 PST 2022

Hi folks,

Broader (but related) question than my current malaise with OOM issues on 2.14/2.15:  Is there any documentation or can somebody point me at some code that explains memory management within Lustre?  I've hunted through Lustre manuals, the Lustre internals doc, and a bunch of code, but can find nothing that documents the memory architecture in place.  I'm specifically looking at PTLRPC and OBD code right now, and I can't seem to find anywhere that explicitly limits the amount of allocations Lustre will perform.  On other filesystems I've worked on there are memory pools that you can explicitly size with maxes, and while these may be discrete between areas or reference counters used to leverage a system-shared pool, I expected to see /something/ that might bake in limits of some kind.  I'm sure I'm just not finding it.  Any help is greatly appreciated.



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