[lustre-discuss] OST layouts and count per OSS

Nehring, Shane R [LAS] snehring at iastate.edu
Wed Jan 26 09:31:56 PST 2022

Hello All,

I'm probably going to be rebuilding our modest lustre volume here before long and was mulling around changing the configuration
a bit.

Right now we have two OSSs each with 3 OSTs each made up of 24-36 10TB disks in an enclosure each arranged in a zpool as a span
of two member mirrors (big raid 10 effectively).

This pool configuration was chosen because it offered better random io performance than raidz configs (unsurprisingly). This has
been okay, but I'm wondering if we might be better served by breaking those large osts up into multiple osts per enclosure. I've
got a new OSS and enclosure to test with so I was going to make a new volume and just run some simple tests against it with
various configurations.

I was wondering what other people were doing for their volumes as far as ost layouts and counts per server go, and if anyone had
any broad recommendations.


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