[lustre-discuss] How to increase Lustre Metadata size

Hans Henrik Happe happe at nbi.dk
Mon Mar 7 00:22:16 PST 2022

It should be as easy as adding disk to the ZFS pool. However, if you are 
not used to such operation, do some tests on a separate ZFS pool (you 
can use files as disks for such tests). Undoing mistakes when adding 
disks to a pool can be hard to undo if something goes wrong.

Hans Henrik

On 03.03.2022 08.26, Taner KARAGÖL via lustre-discuss wrote:
> Hi folks;
> I want to use Data on Metadata but our metadata size is not enoght to 
> store data. Underlying fs is zfs.
> What is the easiest way to increase metadata target zpool size?  I 
> have  googled and find that easiest way is adding disks to metadata 
> target. Before and after adding disks to zpool,  is there anything to 
> do at the Lustre?
> Lustre version: 2.12.5
> ZFS version: 0.7
> Best Regards;
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