[lustre-discuss] RoCEv2

Marek Magryś m.magrys at cyfronet.pl
Fri May 13 01:42:40 PDT 2022

Hi David,

We've been using RoCEv2 in a reasonably big Lustre setup for over three
years. Besides some minor issues in the beginning (caused by our
configuration, some clients 14km away from the servers), we are pretty
happy with it. 

Such a setup behaves like Infiniband on the Lustre/LNET level, as it's
handled by the same driver (ko2iblnd) but still gives you more
flexibility on the network side, especially in more complex (in terms
of traffic routing and distance) environments.

If there is anything specific you'd like to discuss, please feel free
to ask.


W dniu śro, 11.05.2022 o godzinie 14∶22 +0200, użytkownik David Neujahr
via lustre-discuss napisał:
> Hey Lustre-discuss,
> does anybody know if RDMA over converged Ethernet (RoCEv2) is
> supported 
> by lustre FS?
> Thank you so much.
Marek Magrys
ACC Cyfronet AGH-UST

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