[Lustre-devel] DMU Force Export arch page

Eric Barton eeb at sun.com
Mon Apr 14 17:06:51 PDT 2008

Yes, I'll review - but the end of this week is the earliest I can
provide feedback...


From: Ricardo.M.Correia at Sun.COM [mailto:Ricardo.M.Correia at Sun.COM] 
Sent: 14 April 2008 9:14 PM
To: Eric Barton; Peter J Braam; Andreas Dilger; Alex Zhuravlev
Cc: lustre-elk-team at Sun.COM; lustre-devel
Subject: RFC: DMU Force Export arch page

Hi Eric, Peter, Andreas, Alex and anyone else interested,

Can you review the DMU Force Export architecture page to see if
anything is wrong or missing?

This is my first attempt at writing an arch page, so any kind of
feedback would be great.
I have tried to describe the use cases from Lustre's point of view, as
opposed to how one would write an arch page if one were concerned
about more specific DMU and ZFS implementation issues.

The URL is http://arch.lustre.org/index.php?title=DMU_Force_Export
(BTW, I don't know how to link this page in the index of arch pages).



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