[Lustre-devel] Global generic database

Yuriy Umanets Yury.Umanets at Sun.COM
Mon Feb 18 13:57:04 PST 2008

Nathaniel Rutman wrote:
> The design of various new features in Lustre call for global (filesystem 
> wide) databases, accessible from
> clients or other servers:
> A. pools - pool descriptions (pool #1 = OSTs 1-10,30-60), pool policies 
> (all .jpg files to pool #1)
> B. filesets - fileset policies (log creates on fileset #1 to feed "foo")
> C. HSM - (aureleien - what was the use case here?)
> We've already implemented at least 2 of these:
> D. Fid Location Database - (is this done?)
This is basic service in new MDS stack. Though its implementation lacks 
DHT support as it was designed originally. Currently it uses round-robin 
as a policy for spreading parts of FLD over MDS nodes in a cluster. 
Another issue is that, originally intention was to make whole Lustre FLD 
aware but now only MDS nodes store parts of FLD as only MDS uses new fids.



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