[Lustre-devel] Thoughts on benchmarking

Andrew C. Uselton acuselton at lbl.gov
Mon Feb 25 13:44:40 PST 2008

Howdy all,
  I'd been in conversation with Cliff White over the last few weeks, and 
he'd expressed an interest in having me post a draft of a report I've 
been working on.  If you've already heard of it here it is.  For those 
who hadn't I'll try to describe it briefly.

  In December I assisted with some Lustre benchmark tests on the 
Franklin Cray XT here at NERSC.  Since then I've tried to summarize our 
analysis and results.  The attached pdf is a draft of that summary.  The 
introduction is almost completely useless, so feel free to skip (unless 
you want to have a laugh at the author's expense).  Section 3 has the 
main details about what we observed and what we thought about it.  
Section 2 may be amusing for those (like me) who care about methodology. 

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