[Lustre-devel] Lustre architectural discussions to Lustre-devel

Peter Bojanic Peter.Bojanic at Sun.COM
Wed Jan 2 16:50:18 PST 2008

Dear Lustre architects and community members,

January 2008 marks another important milestone for the Lustre project  
and its community of users. In the spirit of moving Lustre development  
further out in the open, the Lustre team at Sun will shift  
architectural discussions from our internal mailing list to lustre-devel at clusterfs.com 
, effective immediately.

This open community list hasn't typically seen much traffic in the  
past, so it's a perfect forum for this type of discussion. Everyone is  
welcome to observe and learn from these discussions, and thoughtful  
input is welcome. But this is not a technical Q&A list, so we  
respectfully request that community members be thoughtful with their  
posts and treat the list with the utmost care.

Technical questions about Lustre are always welcome on lustre-discuss at clusterfs.com 
, where Lustre engineers and community members alike will be able to  
help you out.


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