[Lustre-devel] 2 primitives for the NRS

Eric Barton eeb at sun.com
Fri Jan 4 05:37:04 PST 2008

What the NRS (network request scheduler) really needs is something
that can order 10**[4-6] RPC requests incredibly efficiently - any
overhead just eats into server efficiency and we already swamp a
server with simple pings at ~30-40,000 RPCs per second.  I've
implemented a heap which is already looking good at managing
collections of 1,000,000+ objects with nearly sub-microsecond
insert+ordered_remove overhead.

Here is the API, which also introduces a sparse 1D array suitable for
use in the kernel.  The binary heap uses it as space and cache
efficient means of tree walking.

Any suggestions for improving the API appreciated...

#ifndef __LIBCFS_BHEAP_H__
#define __LIBCFS_BHEAP_H__

/* Auto-array 
 * A sparse 1D contiguous array of pointers which uses single, double and
 * triple indirection maps and avoids allocating large contiguous memory.
 * FIXME: CAA_SHIFT should be defined automatically so that 
 * (CAA_SIZE == CFS_PAGE_SIZE/sizeof(void *))

#define CAA_SHIFT  10
#define CAA_SIZE   (1 << CAA_SHIFT)             /* # ptrs per level */
#define CAA_MASK   (CAA_SIZE - 1)
#define CAA_NOB    (CAA_SIZE * sizeof(void *))

typedef struct
        void         ****aa_3d;                 /* Triple indirect */
        void          ***aa_2d;                 /* double indirect */
        void           **aa_1d;                 /* single indirect */
} cfs_autoarray_t;

void   cfs_aa_init(cfs_autoarray_t *aa);         /* setup */
void   cfs_aa_fini(cfs_autoarray_t *aa);         /* free all allocated mem */

/* effectively &aa[idx] but you MUST know &aa[idx] exists */
void **cfs_aa_index(cfs_autoarray_t *aa, unsigned int idx);

/* effectively &aa[idx] - return NULL if &aa[idx] doesn't exist and 'grow' is
 * FALSE */
void **cfs_aa_lookup(cfs_autoarray_t *aa, unsigned int idx, int grow);

/* Binary heap
 * Supports insertion and ordered removal of members sorted by the given total
 * order ('compare')

typedef struct
        cfs_autoarray_t  cbh_members;
        unsigned int     cbh_size;
        unsigned int     cbh_maxsize;
        int            (*cbh_compare)(void *a, void *b);
} cfs_binheap_t;

void  cfs_binheap_init(cfs_binheap_t *h, int (*compare)(void *a, void *b));
void  cfs_binheap_fini(cfs_binheap_t *h);
int   cfs_binheap_size(cfs_binheap_t *h);
int   cfs_binheap_insert(cfs_binheap_t *h, void *e);
void *cfs_binheap_remove_root(cfs_binheap_t *h);

#endif /* __LIBCFS_BHEAP_H__ */

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