[Lustre-devel] moving /proc to $MNT/.lustre

Nathan Rutman Nathan.Rutman at Sun.COM
Mon Jan 7 09:50:22 PST 2008

Peter Bojanic wrote:
> Hi Nathan,
> (Copying Lustre-devel)
> On 2007-12-13, at 15:57 , Nathan Rutman wrote:
>> Peter - I filed bug 14471 and Tom is running with it, but it's kind  
>> of a big UI change and so I think someone In Authority should give  
>> the go-ahead.  I think andreas and I are in agreement that it makes  
>> sense.  The first step should be to do a nice DLD detailing  
>> potential impact on all our tools, testing, debug etc.
> Are you absolutely certain about this? This is going to break a ton of  
> people's scripts.
well, that's why I asked.  As I said, Andreas and I are in agreement, 
and it certainly makes sense from a portability point of view, as well 
as consistency with future features (snapshots, audit logs, etc.), and 
the final elimination of our various /proc locking headaches.  But yes, 
it would break user's scripts  - that's a 1-time thing, and I think not 
too terrible.

> This needs a few more nods from the architecture group -- I'd like to  
> see at least eeb chime in.
> By means of discussing it here, we're pretty much announcing the  
> change to the Lustre community. But, if we proceed, you should also  
> post a note to lustre-discuss for wider dissemination.
> Thanks,
> Bojanic
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